Oh, the time is flying and I missed february!!!

Wow, I missed February, but here is what we did:) Even if it was a short month, we managed to make it busy::) We have been to the doctor a few times with Dalton and my baby has tubes put in on March 16th at 8am:( But, it will be for the better and his hearing should improve so we are looking forward to it getting over with. Sadi and Dakota both just celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday. Sadi got to eat green eggs & ham:) Dakota got to dress up as Thing 1:) Dawson has just our baby, eatting food, learning to sit up, and sleeping whenever I snap my finger:) What more could you ask for:)

Dakota just had baseball tryouts last weekend and he did great! So proud of him, and he is so excited to play that I can't help but get excited for him!! We just went to the store last night and bought a new glove, cleats, hat, balls, sweat bands, the works!! He is ready.

Nolan and I are excited to say that we are coming home at the end of March!! Nolan is going to drive us to Avoca the last weekend of March, he will fly out for the week of work and come back to drive us home!! We will head to Des Moines and then Postville after Avoca. Dakota will be celebrated his 6th birthday while we are on spring break and we will also celebrate Easter! Here are some pictures!

Miss you all and see you in less then a month!! OH And don't forget that the kids and are going to make out annual JUNE IOWA trip again this year!!